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MassMutual Insurance Online Login

MassMutual Insurance Login

Since 1851, MassMutual Insurance has been providing direct financial insurance cover to residents of Massachusetts. The company is keen to grow through long-term commitment and interest’s customer service.

MassMutual Insurance, just like other insurers offers its users an online channel to manage multiple policies and accounts. Customers who have enrolled can access their accounts on PC insurance mobile application. Below, we’ll walk you through the illustrations required to login and how to modify your password as well:

How to Log in to MassMutual Insurance Online

Wondering how to log into your MassMutual Insurance profile? Ponder no more! Follow the
below steps:

Step 1: Type https://www.massmutual.com into your internet browser.

MassMutual Insurance Internet Login

Step 2: Click ‘Login’ tab at top right-hand corner and then from the navigation window, click ‘Individuals’ panel to continue.

Step 3: Next, choose ‘Insurance and Annuities’ from the drop-down list.

Step 4: Type your username in the login section to continue.

Step 5: Next, key in your password to log in.

After these details have been entered successfully, you will be taken right to your dashboard.


Need to reset your MassMutual Insurance password? See below for details.

Step 1: Follow first 4 steps as in the how to login section.

Step 2: Below the password entry field, click ‘Forgot Password’ link to proceed.

MassMutual Insurance Forgot Username or Password

Step 3: Fill in the required essential details to retrieve the password.

You will get an interface to change the password.

How to enroll for MassMutual Insurance

Registering for the online service is the surest way of taking charge of your policies and ensuing claims.

Step 1: Proceed as we did in the how to login section till you reach the login area.

Step 2: On the next page, click on ‘Register’ button.

Step 3: Please fill in the required details including first name, last name, email, username, and password and then confirm it.

Step 4: Click ‘Next Step’ to continue.

Step 5: To verify your identity, type your date of birth and SSN.

At last, create your user credentials and profile and complete the remaining steps.

Manage your MassMutual Insurance Online Account

  • Make a payment of loans.
  • File a claim.
  • Check the status of policies.
  • Add a new policy.
  • View ID cards.