ARIA becomes a new member of the Rockwell Automation partner network

ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions recently became a proud member of Rockwell Automation’s PartnerNetwork™ as a Technology Partner. This partnership enables customers to discover complementary products such as AZT PROTECT™, a solution designed to safeguard operational technology (OT) environments. Technology Partners collaborate with Rockwell to deliver solutions within the Partner Ecosystem, streamlining supply chains, simplifying project implementation, and maximizing investments in automation technology.

ARIA Cybersecurity’s award-winning AZT PROTECT is an advanced AI-driven endpoint protection solution tailored for devices running critical applications across various industrial sectors. Specifically crafted for OT environments, the platform provides defense against sophisticated zero-day and supply chain attacks without the need for continuous security patching. By proactively neutralizing threats in real-time, it significantly reduces application vulnerability exploits.

“Operating companies with critical infrastructure face increasing threats from advanced cybercriminals, highlighting the critical need for a cybersecurity solution that caters to the specific challenges of OT environments,” explains Gary Southwell, General Manager of ARIA Cybersecurity. “Through our partnership with the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork™, ARIA Cybersecurity aims to deliver top-tier OT cybersecurity protection to the Rockwell ecosystem, empowering customers to leverage AZT PROTECT to safeguard their crucial assets, revenue, and reputation.”

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