Exploring the World of Cyber Technology: Auburn University’s Podcast Decodes Complex Concepts

The McCrary Institute for Cyber and Critical Infrastructure Security at Auburn University has recently introduced a new podcast, aiming to broaden the reach of their research on cybersecurity and facilitate discussions about the dynamic cyber landscape.

Frank Cilluffo, the institute’s director and host of the “Cyber Focus” podcast, mentioned in an interview with EdScoop that transitioning from quarterly empirical reports to podcast interviews with cybersecurity experts has allowed for a better understanding of cyber issues among a larger audience.

“Our goal is to present urgent issues in a manner that can prompt action, not just analyzing problems and outlining challenges but also implementing solutions that can enhance cyber awareness,” expressed Cilluffo.

Since its launch in January, Cilluffo has released nine episodes of Cyber Focus, featuring guests such as Michael D’Ambrosio, a former U.S. Secret Service member, and Melissa Hathaway, who led cyber initiatives for both Barack Obama and George W. Bush. The podcast has also welcomed cybersecurity journalists Maggie Miller and Sean Lyngaas, a former Scoop News Group reporter.

The idea of a podcast had been brewing in Cilluffo’s mind for years. While the primary target audience is the cybersecurity community, he hopes that Cyber Focus can simplify complex cyber issues for a broader audience.

“Cyber impacts everyone. It’s not just a tech problem; it affects everyone, and raising cyber awareness can significantly contribute to enhancing security and resilience,” Cilluffo noted.

Although the current focus of the podcast is on international and federal government cybersecurity issues, Cilluffo aims to broaden its scope to include insights from state, local, and tribal governments in the future.

Skylar Rispens

Written by Skylar Rispens

Skylar Rispens is a reporter for StateScoop and EdScoop. Previously, she focused on education coverage for daily and weekly newspapers across Montana, where she currently resides.

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