Langworthy allocates $475,000 in funding for St. Bonaventure’s cyber security center

ST. BONAVENTURE — U.S. Rep. Nick Langworthy made a special visit to St. Bonaventure University on Wednesday to announce an exciting development: a $475,000 grant for a cutting-edge Cyber Security Ops Center. This center will not only benefit education but also create new job opportunities in the local area.

During a press conference at the Walsh Science Center, Langworthy expressed his admiration for the university, calling it a “critical gem” of the 23rd District. He shared that he fought hard to include this funding in the appropriations bill, emphasizing that this investment will strengthen our region.

University officials, including President Dr. Jeff Gingerich and Provost Dr. David Hilmey, along with staff and cyber security students, were present at the event. Dr. Gingerich thanked Congressman Langworthy for his efforts in securing the funding, stating that it is a crucial step in the university’s advancement.

The journey to receiving this grant began last spring when Langworthy visited the campus for the first time. Dr. Gingerich commended the congressman for his dedication to cyber security and St. Bonaventure University.

Dr. Hilmey, the provost and vice president for academic affairs, highlighted the significance of this funding in preparing students for a successful career in the cybersecurity field. He mentioned that the hands-on experiences offered by the Cyber Ops Center will contribute to building a skilled cybersecurity workforce in Western New York.

The Cyber Operations Center will serve as a platform for the university to collaborate with industry partners in a secure computing environment. It will provide students with real-world cyber-attack scenarios to enhance their skills in prevention and response techniques.

Congressman Langworthy stressed the importance of cybersecurity in our daily lives, noting that it affects various aspects such as banking, healthcare records, and supply chains. He emphasized the critical role that institutions like St. Bonaventure play in preparing future professionals in this field.

In addition to educational initiatives, the Cyber Security Ops Center will offer resources for public and private institutions to test their incident response plans. The university also plans to provide workforce development programs and high school education in cyber security.

Dr. Hilmey stated that the center will not only benefit students but also local businesses and institutions by enhancing their security measures. The grant will be used to purchase necessary equipment and software for the center.

Langworthy expressed his hope that the Cyber Ops Center will help create job opportunities for local students who wish to remain in the Southern Tier. He underscored the importance of investing in students and preparing them for a rapidly growing sector.

As cyber security jobs are projected to increase significantly by 2031, this grant will have a lasting impact on both the university and the local community. It represents a valuable opportunity for students and businesses alike to strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities.

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