New Cybersecurity Training Program for K-12 Schools Launched by Sinclair Community College and D2L

Sinclair Community College, in partnership with D2L, is excited to announce the launch of new cybersecurity training specifically designed for K-12 schools. Cybersecurity attacks are a growing threat, and it is crucial for school administrators to be prepared to prevent and respond to these threats.

During a recent summit at the White House, Kyle Jones, chair of information technology and cybersecurity at Sinclair Community College, was inspired to collaborate with D2L on this important initiative. Together, they have created a comprehensive training program that provides resources, frameworks, and practical training to help schools keep their environments safe from cyber attackers.

The training covers essential topics such as identifying phishing emails, exercising good judgment when opening attachments, and assessing potential cybersecurity challenges through surveys. With schools increasingly becoming targets for cyber attacks, this training is more important than ever.

One key aspect of the training is educating administrators on how hackers often target schools by posing as vendors, attempting to gain access to sensitive data for ransomware attacks. By being aware of these tactics, administrators can better protect their schools from falling victim to these schemes.

The course is designed to be interactive, free, and accessible to anyone interested in learning more about cybersecurity, including students. Jones encourages individuals in leadership roles to enroll in the training and utilize it as a resource to refer back to in times of need.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your cybersecurity knowledge and ensure the safety of your school’s digital environment. Sign up for the training today!

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