Singtel Receives Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Singapore Company of the Year Award for Outstanding Leadership in Cybersecurity Services

Singtel is a leading figure in the cybersecurity services industry, known for its strong focus on innovation, extensive range of cybersecurity solutions, and exceptional support services.

SAN ANTONIO, March 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Frost & Sullivan recently conducted a study on the cybersecurity services industry and has honored Singtel with the prestigious 2023 Singapore Company of the Year Award. Singtel is a key player in Singapore’s telecommunications landscape, providing comprehensive security solutions to protect businesses from cyber threats.

Singtel stands out in Singapore’s crowded telecommunications market with its comprehensive network-centric approach to cybersecurity encompassing everything from risk-based threat analytics to advanced security technology and architecture management.

Singtel has carved a niche in Singapore’s competitive telecommunications sector with its network-centric cybersecurity approach. This approach covers everything from risk analysis to cutting-edge security technologies and architectural management.

Singtel’s expertise as a managed service provider allows the seamless integration of cybersecurity measures with networking solutions. This integration results in comprehensive security capabilities, such as SASE, a managed solution that safeguards users and applications with cloud-based security features, along with next-gen SD-WAN for enhanced connectivity.

Utilizing its strong network knowledge, Singtel offers a wide range of MSS to keep organizations protected from evolving cyber threats. These services combine network-centric security solutions with operational support to ensure secure connections across networks, applications, and the cloud.

Singtel’s unique position in the market allows it to provide both network and cybersecurity services under one umbrella through its SOC. With 24/7 monitoring and access to global threat intelligence, Singtel is at the forefront of addressing the dynamic challenges of cybersecurity in today’s digital landscape.

By designing the Cyber Security Institute (CSI) and launching initiatives like Cyber Elevate, Singtel is committed to cultivating cyber resilience in businesses. Its dedication to excellence has set it apart from its peers, making it a trusted name in the cybersecurity services industry.

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Each year, Frost & Sullivan awards a Company of the Year to recognize exceptional performance in growth strategy and product innovation. Singtel’s leadership in the cybersecurity services industry has set a benchmark for excellence in the field.

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