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On March 22, 2024, White Oak Partners, LLC reported a data breach to the Attorney General of Massachusetts following a cyberattack on their systems. The breach led to unauthorized access to sensitive information, including names and Social Security numbers of consumers. As a result, White Oak Partners initiated an investigation and started notifying affected individuals through data breach notification letters.

If you have received a notification from White Oak Partners, LLC about the data breach, it is crucial to understand the risks and take necessary steps to protect yourself. Consulting a data breach lawyer can help you understand how to prevent fraud or identity theft and explore legal options in the aftermath of the breach. For more guidance, you can refer to our article on consumer privacy and data breach lawyers here.

Causes of the White Oak Partners Data Breach

The recent announcement of the White Oak Partners data breach is still fresh, with more details expected to emerge soon. However, the filing with the Attorney General of Massachusetts sheds light on the breach’s origins. White Oak Partners discovered on February 23, 2024, that unauthorized access had been gained to their network, potentially exposing consumer information.

Following this discovery, White Oak Partners collaborated with cybersecurity experts to investigate the incident and assess the extent of information exposure. By March 14, 2024, it was confirmed that hackers not only infiltrated the IT network but also extracted files containing consumer data.

Upon realizing the breach, White Oak Partners conducted a thorough review of compromised files to identify the leaked information and impacted individuals. Depending on the person, the exposed data may include names and Social Security numbers.

On March 22, 2024, White Oak Partners began sending out data breach letters to notify affected parties and provide details on the compromised information.

Overview of White Oak Partners, LLC

White Oak Partners, LLC is a company that owns and manages multifamily housing units in Westerville, Ohio. With around 61 assets and nearly 19,000 units, White Oak Partners operates in several states, including Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, and Georgia. Employing over 72 people, the company generates an annual revenue of approximately $15 million.

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